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Welcome to
Hope Embraced Adoption Agency!


We are excited to be a part of helping so many families grow! We are here to help prepare and educate our families for adoption before, during, and after the process. We are currently expanding our support and services to assist our clients. We are a fully state-licensed child-placing agency, consultation, and referral service! We take care to provide our clients with excellent service personalized for their unique needs!

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"Dignity of Choice" 

About us

Hi, I'm Jeanna Smith, the Founder and Executive Director of the

Hope Embraced Adoption Agency!

I have been blessed on all sides of adoption. I was a birth mother when I was 20 years old and experienced a lot of the emotions that placing mothers go through. Years later after getting married, I went through years of infertility before becoming an adoptive parent.  Adoption is very close to my heart and it brings me great joy to be a part of the process with so many families. We know that families are formed in many different ways!

I have a degree in education. I have had years of experience working in crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes, working with adoption attorneys and agencies, working face to face with birth parents, and guiding adopting families. I thank God for my professional and personal experiences through life so I can better relate to families going through this process. I look forward to working with you! 


It is our privilege to serve in this amazing, adventurous, miracle world of adoption!  Hope Embraced helps with matching adoptive families with women facing pregnancy with circumstances that have led them to choose adoption.  The agency also helps in situations of “Identified” or “Designated” adoptions.  This is where a family comes to us with a birth mom they have already matched with on their own.  Hope Embraced provides adoption support services of counseling, guidance, and the paperwork necessary for all parties.  Hope Embraced also provides information for legal representation and resources for the home study and profile if needed. Hope Embraced does home studies for SC families doing domestic adoption, embryo adoptions, and/or surrogacy adoptions.

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