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Adopted Child

Exclusive Services

Adoptive Parent and adopted children

Hope Embraced is licensed to do consulting, education, referral services, and “Identified Adoption” services through our agency.  We help with healthy baby/children situations as well as Special Needs/Circumstances situations.  We can help with baby-born cases and moms pregnant, making adoption plans.  We guide our clients throughout the process as adoption can be an incredible experience and we do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible.  Hope Embraced staff can prepare families by helping them with the adoption profile, with the input and creativity of experienced graphic designers and professional photographers, if this service is needed.  Our staff helps educate about the adoption process from all views. Hope Embraced team has both personal and professional experience to bring to the adoption experience to help guide our clients. 

Adopted Child
Adopted Child
  • Birth Parent Support/Mentorship/Financial Assistance

  • Objective and confidential assistance to Adoptive Parents as they decide whether adoption is best for their family

  • Education about adoption to Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents

  • Emotional support to Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents

  • Home Study/Assessment services/Post Placement services

  • Parenting education related to adopted children

  • Pre-placement guidance, support, and preparation

  • Post-adoption support

  • Open, Semi-Open, & Closed adoption education and options

  • Adoption Financing Information

  • Direct Placement of children

  • Referrals to outside resources for placement of children

  • Profile Creation and Existing Profile Reviews

  • Consulting Services

  • Home Study Licensing for Adoption

Adopted Child



This is a presentation put together for birth parents to review and search for an adoptive family. Michael Smith is a Graphic Designer and professional photographer who creates profiles that are cutting-edge and unique to the client. The agency and client reviews have stated, "His profiles are thorough, creative, and consistently present very well while being easily accessible when necessary to get the profile in front of birth parents." Once the profile has been created, it is emailed to the adoptive family for review. They review it page by page, being specific about any changes and feedback they want to give. The profile fee includes one hard copy, the profile on a disc, and three back-and-forth times for changes. If there are more changes after three times, it would be an additional charge each time. Mike desires clients to be happy with their profile, as it should reflect their style and personality, along with his experience working with birth parents. Please tell this at the start if you have a favorite style, font, or color. He has a former birth mom review them so the profile can be seen through a birth mom's eyes before a final draft is done. They work as a team with the family's preferences, and his professional and personal creativity results in a compelling profile that a birth mom would quickly choose. Questions to be answered for the profile text and a list of pictures needed will be provided to the client for the profile.

If you are interested in this service, please email

Adopted Child
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